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About us


Let me introduce myself, I’m Jayne the owner of Club Beautie. I am a Make-up artist and hairdresser. I have been doing Hair and makeup for 23 years. It all started because of my love of Art. I studied art at school and college and wanted to do something creative for a career. I had an interest in makeup and beauty, and would buy Vogue magazine with my pocket money ☺️

Like many people, the year 2020 was a difficult one. My family and I experienced loss and a multitude of problems! After having to shut my hair salon business again, I needed something to focus on and started thinking about how I could use my years of experience in hair and makeup to better serve women. 

After many years of working within the hair and makeup industry, I have been exposed to many brands and products and found the best ones to use on the variety of clients that I cater to. I have also picked up many beauty tips along the way. So I thought why not share this with my community of women. That’s when Club Beautie was born!

Club Beautie website is an online store, that not only presents you with a variety of the best products for your various needs, we also have a ‘ Beautie Blog ‘. Our Instagram page offers you tips, tutorials and resources on how and why you should use them.

One of the most common shared experiences I hear from women is - Having plenty of beauty products at home and not sure how to use them all! - Does this sound like you too? ✨

I am sharing my experience and knowledge within hair, makeup and beauty to help you get the most out of your existing and new beauty products.

So I would like to welcome all of my followers and customers on this journey to make the most out of your beauty experience 

As a small business owner, busy mum and wife, I am truly grateful for all your support. Every like, share, purchase, comment and follow is much appreciated 🙏🏽


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If you would like to see my Make-Up and Hair work please see the links below.


If you have any questions about any products, or you're not sure how to use something. Send me an email or DM and i'll be happy to help you